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How will the write words help my business?

Every business utilizes words to connect with their audience and customers. However, the quality of these words influence just how strong that connection is. Having the write words that are specific to your business, brand voice, and goals helps you establish and maintain a genuine relationship with your target audience. The write words are powerful and have the ability to support and grow your business by capturing the heart of your mission in a way that innately resonates with your readers.

What is the write word process?

Simply get in touch with me via phone, email, or the contact form on this site and tell me a little about you, your business, and your project needs. I will promptly reply and schedule a free consultation to further discuss your project. Once we've discussed all the details, I will write up a quote and when we agree, I'll start creating the write words!

What are the write prices?

Each project is as unique as you and your business. That's why I schedule a free consultation with you where we discuss all the details of your project(s). Once I know all the specifics, I can give you an accurate price based on the scope of the work and time involved. I typically charge by the project but if you need the write words on a regular basis, I also work on retainer. Payment terms are 50% of the project cost is to be paid upfront and the remainder is due upon completion.

How long will it take to get the write words just right?

Project time is one of the details we will discuss during your free consultation. Again, each project is different and will require a different amount of time involved. However, I strive to get the write words to you as quickly as possible and always complete your project(s) well within your time frame.

Will the write words optimize my SEO?

Yes, I can optimize the write words for your SEO. You simply need to provide me with the SEO keywords that you desire and I will craft them into the copy. My goal with SEO writing is to weave the SEO keywords into the copy naturally so that it simultaneously resonates with your readers and optimizes your SEO.

What if I have the write words but need the write editor?

I provide proofreading and editing services which gives you a pair of fresh and professional eyes to read over your website, print projects, digital ads, etc. With this service, I'll provide a list of suggestions and edits to your copy (if needed) to help ensure you have the write words to captivate your audience.

Ready to get started?
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