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Filthy Rich Writer Review

How a pandemic helped me find my dream career

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This site contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. But I wouldn't give this course a glowing review if I didn't love it!

One Friday morning in mid-March of 2020 I went to work as usual at my 9am-5pm job, but by 3:00pm life as I knew it had changed. 


Massive state-wide shutdowns had been announced, schools and other businesses had been closed, and an uneasiness had settled over my department. Would my work be closing too?


I literally walked out of work at 5pm that Friday and by Monday I no longer had a job.

Fast forward to July of 2020.


My work was still closed with no hopes of reopening anytime in the near future. I decided I needed to start looking into other career options, specifically writing careers as writing has always been a passion and talent of mine. 

Cue a perfectly timed Facebook ad (anyone else feel like Facebook can read your mind?) for Filthy Rich Writer with a headline about a writer making 6-figures during the 2008 recession. 

Needless to say I was immediately intrigued. Could a writer really make 6-figures? 


I decided to click through the ad, sign-up for the free video training, and find out more. As the video played, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. My mind was being opened to a whole new world of copywriting possibilities and potential.

Before that ad I had never heard of copywriting, but now I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I wanted to learn more. Could I really have a career I loved? A career I could do from home? A career that paid me well? Could copywriting really be the answer?

The free video training led me to a page about the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy - an online training program for aspiring copywriters. The page explained that the CCA would not only help me learn the fundamentals of copywriting but also help me build a successful copywriting career.


Now, I'm typically not an impulse buyer and purchasing this course meant not only spending money but also committing to a huge life change. So I did what any conscientious buyer would do, I googled everything about copywriting, Filthy Rich Writer, and the CCA. I also googled other copywriting courses to see if there was a better deal out there.

As I researched, I quickly found that copywriting is a real career that you can really do from home, and make really good money doing it. I also found that there are other training courses out there, but none that offer the value that the CCA brings to the table (more on that in a minute).


So there I had it, if I wanted to change my career and become a copywriter the CCA was by far the best option. Now the only question that remained was did I truly want to be a copywriter?

The answer was a resounding YES!

So with a deep breath and a couple of clicks I made the commitment, enrolled in the CCA, and started life as a copywriter.


I completed the six core foundation modules in about a month, completed some of the bonus courses the next month, had my website up and running by November, and landed my first paying client in January.

Part of the beauty of the CCA is that you can learn at your own pace. You can fit in trainings around your schedule (or in my case, my son's nap schedule) or you can dive right in and soak everything up more quickly. You get to decide.


And just like anything else in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. The CCA is not a get-rich-quick scheme but real training for a real career that can lead you to real success. 

The CCA is also all about bringing you value - valuable training and valuable support. With a CCA membership, you get: 

  • Full access to the Comprehensive Copywriting Foundations Course where you learn all the skills you need to be an awesome copywriter

  • Live monthly coaching calls with Nicki Krawczyk, copywriter and founder of Filthy Rich Writer and the CCA

  • Access to a students-only Facebook group where you can get feedback and support from fellow students throughout your copywriting journey (this is definitely one of the best benefits of the course)
  • Lifetime access to the CCA​

  • Tuition priced at far less than its value  (this course is seriously underpriced for everything you get)

  • A 30-day "It Works if You Work It" guarantee (more details about the guarantee here)

  • And several surprise bonuses

So there's the story, how a pandemic that led to a job loss helped me find the career of my dreams.

Now it's your turn, what will your copywriting story be?

Interested in joining the CCA family? Check out this Free Video Training to learn more (yes, this is the same video I watched when I joined the CCA).

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This CCA student was a teacher tired of being stuck in the classroom. Within 6 weeks of joining the CCA she was able to more than replace her teaching income and become a full-time copywriter working from the comfort of her own home. 

Ready for your copywriting dream? Watch the free video training to get started!

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